News Writing

I am an award-winning journalist with more than a decade of experience covering criminal justice issues. 

My body of work shows a zeal for holding government accountable — both the officials and the institutions that shield them — and a drive to protect the powerless by making sure their voices are heard. I also have experience covering politics, municipal government, education and environmental issues. 

I have consistently been recognized among the top in my field.

Included in my achievements:

  • Named second in the nation for daily news reporting in 2010 by Suburban Newspapers of America. 
  • Named "Reporter of the Year" for the St. Louis region by Riverfront Times in 2014
  • Honored in 2017 with the Woodward-Bernstein award, given by the Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers to journalists who exhibit exceptional cases of "courageous and persistent news or media reporting on areas that touch our criminal justice system." 

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Municipal Court Abuses

After the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson in 2014, all eyes turned to the St. Louis region to examine issues of racial inequity in our neighborhoods, police departments and courts. Jennifer worked with a team of reporters to expose a municipal court system that unfairly hobbled the poor while giving free passes to the wealthy and connected — a division that often presented in terms of race as well.

Criminal Justice Issues

Jennifer's reporting goes beyond the daily headlines to look at how the courts and criminal justice system operate as a whole. Complex issues are explained in an uncomplicated manner, in a way that everyone can relate to — not just those within the criminal justice world. 

Legal Analysis

Not content with surface-level reporting, Jennifer developed an in-depth knowledge of the courts and legal system so she could provide context and clarity to readers on these sometimes complicated issues. 

Wrongful Conviction Appeals

In reporting on the courts and criminal justice system, Jennifer developed a specialty in covering wrongful conviction appeals. Her eye for zeroing in on cases of merit meant she chronicled many wrongful convictions from beginning to the end, when the defendant was ultimately released and/or exonerated.