Let Me Tell Your Story.

Every person, business and organization has a story. It tells of their strengths, their passions, their successes. It is what defines them. 

But not everyone has the time or staff available to communicate their story to the public.

That’s where I can help.

As an award-winning journalist, I earned a reputation for clear, concise and informative writing. I now bring this experience to my content writing — delivering speedy results and error-free copy.

I will remember the important details and capture the right tone. Most importantly, I can save you time.

On this journey, I will work with you, your web host, graphic designer and/or other marketing professionals to meet your project deadlines and needs.

From the early stages of research to the final touches of copy editing, I'll have you covered.  

Scroll down to learn more about how I can help you and your business or organization. Any questions? Interested in seeing more examples of my work? Please reach out via my Contact Page.

Ghostwriting • Web Content • Press Releases & Other Marketing MaterialsResearch & Editing 


Blogging and social media posts are surefire ways to drive traffic to a web site. But where does one find the time?

Hire a ghostwriter and you don't have to ask that question.

I produce blog and social media content for a range of professionals who want an online voice, but don't have the hours to brainstorm — let alone, write — weekly or daily posts. 

I come up with the ideas. I perform the research. I produce the content. All the client has to do is review it, and say yea or nay. 

These online posts are written under the client's name, and most importantly, in their voice. And they are all SEO-friendly.

Click on the links below for examples of my ghostwriting, posted with the clients' permission. 

Web Content

Your website is the public face of your business or organization — often being your first "conversation" with potential clients or the media. 

I can work with you, your graphic designer and/or web host to fill your site with content that resonates with the reader. 

I use keywords and other SEO tools to make sure your site is readily found. But I will not sacrifice readability in the process. 

See how my versatility and quick turnaround can help improve your website. 

Click on the links below for examples of my work. 

Press Releases and Other Marketing Materials

Your business or organization just accomplished something great. Or maybe you have a big idea worth sharing.

You want to sell your goals and vision, but aren't sure how to grab the media and public's attention. 

Why not turn to someone who has experience telling stories and getting people to listen?

After a decade of working in a newsroom, I know how to write in a way that will hold an audience and keep your message intact.

I prize accuracy and can make your press release and other marketing materials stand out. And I have a host of media industry contacts to draw upon if needed. 

For a free consultation or to learn more, please reach out via my Contact Page